Coffee ProFreshnal

Dear Deer Coffee Roasting Bar is established in New Zealand in 2018. It is true that we have just started our new history for Kiwis recently. 

However our original store history had started over ten years ago. 

Our original store "Fukumame" was starting our business in Tokyo, Japan in 2008.​

Fukumame had started our roasting business with support from Kalita. Kalita is the most famous brand for filter coffee category.

In Japan, filter coffee is more popular way to extract coffee than espresso. Fukumame had started to roast coffee beans for filter coffee. 

To extract by espresso machine is popular way in NZ. But we would like to introduce different feature of coffee by filter way. Both ways are right way to feel coffee flavor bu the way.

 We have 15 to 20 kinds of coffee beans. Our roasting style is to roast as much as customers want. Coffee beans will oxidize in few days after roasting. We should use as soon as we could. That is why we are deeply attached to freshness. We do not keep roasted beans as our stock. We definitely roast after your order.

All of our customers have different needs and wants as you have. We roast one by one for each customers. A lot of our clients in Japan make their original blend with us. We are able to provide a special blend for you or for your cafe. 

Coffee roastery is usually roasting their favorite beans. Of course we have our original blends as others do. However there are over thousands kinds of coffees in the world. We can not say what best beans are for you. 

Our policy is " People find their favorite by themselves" We prefer to help customers to find their favorite beans. 

Kiwis try to find their best wine. But they do not find their best coffee beans. Why not?

Coffee has big difference between each countries and kinds. Also people could blend each beans as your taste.We prefer to give you opportunity to find your best.

​We provide you many kinds of beans. Hope you could find your favorite from infinity of choices.

​All your best is here. You can visit our roasting base in Onehunga. We could find your best with you.

                             Your Day, Your Way